Thursday Sunsets: Israel

I’m not the most religious person in the world, but I am pretty proud of my heritage. When my sister convinced me to go with her to Israel back in 2008, I was skeptical, but it ended up being a pretty life changing trip. It was quite a wake up call to be immersed in a culture where the people didn’t worry as much as we do about wealth or material possessions because they live with the constant threat of going to war or being attacked by one of their surrounding nations. Their patriotism, their respect for each other, their kindness to us, their dedication to their country and incredible pride in being Israeli was completely inspiring. This is a sunset from one of our first nights there. With the Jewish New Year happening right now, I felt this was an appropriate one to post. L’Shana Tova everyone.

Thursday Sunsets: Rome, Italy

I know Italy isn’t necessarily known for its sunsets, but this was one of the first views I had upon arriving in Rome in March 2009. It was quite the first impression. We stayed right near the vatican so we’d be able to see the Sistine Chapel on our very last day before leaving for the airport. The lovely Hotel Alessandrino was just steps from St. Peter’s Basilica, pictured here:

I also sort of chose to feature this photo today because it was from a trip I took with my two roommates at the time, and next week, one of them is embarking on a whole new phase of her life. So this post is dedicated to Jessica – I hope Shanon brings you as much happiness as we did during our years in JAR.