About AmySho

Because when someone asks me, “How was your trip?” I usually can’t respond with one word. This blog is for those who want to hear all the stories from my travels, and perhaps go off on an adventure of their own.

I’m not one of the travel bloggers who is going to quit her job and travel the world, finding herself in a different country every week. I love New York City, and I like that I’ve established roots here. I also love my day job, my side projects, and my vacations. What I love most is cherishing every memory that comes out of that precious travel time. You’ll usually see a new post from me once every week or two, sometimes as infrequent as once a month. Guest posts are encouraged!

My background: Once upon a time, on an island not too far away, I dreamed of growing up and becoming a writer. I was a journalism major in college, and interned/freelanced at a dozen newspapers and magazines in the New York and DC areas. Eventually I moved into Public Relations, and now I work on a small creative team at a global PR firm where I focus on cause marketing and social media strategy. On the side, I volunteer for several organizations that help women in developing countries around the world. So in this somewhat edited version of the life I once dreamed of, I’m still writing and traveling, and often finding inspiration along the way.

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