Decisions, Decisions

Sorry for the hiatus. It’s been a crazy summer. Crazy, but wonderful. I’m about to spend the next five days away from civilization, out on Fire Island, where I’ll attempt to soak up the last few days of what has been a truly amazing summer.

When I come back next week, I’ll have a travel decision to make. There’s a chance I may go to Greece the first week of October. This decision has absolutely no rational basis. I’d be traveling with someone I only met recently, I have not budgeted for this at all, and I’m running low on vacation days from work. It would be completely nonsensical for me to go on this trip.

On the other hand, Greece is my absolute, top choice, most desired destination in the entire world. To spend any amount of time on a Grecian Isle would satisfy a craving so deep within me that I wouldn’t know how to deal with it once I actually arrived and took sight of this place I’ve been dreaming of my whole life.

So, despite all the millions of reasons why it’d be foolish of me to go on this trip…I think I know what my post labor day decision will be. Because what great decisions were made based on logic anyway?

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